Yeka Haski / Melting stars

  • ¥385,000
    単価 あたり 


アーティスト:Yeka Haski

タイトル  :Melting stars

制作年   :2021年

素材    :wooden panel, acrylic paint

サイズ   :65 × 55 cm





Yeka Haski

Yeka Haski

空想上のキャラクターをモチーフに描く、北欧出身のビジュアルアーティスト。 境界線を押し広げる描き方を持ち味としており、その作風を用いて常に新しいキャラクターを生み出し続けてきた。アーティストとしての目標は、「観るものに喜びとインスピレーションをもたらすこと」



Yeka Haski is a Scandinavian visual artist, who lives in Tokyo since 2017.

The significant highlight of her art style is imaginary characters. She has a pantheon of main creatures, and at the same time always keeps creating new ones.

Yeka likes to push the boundaries and works in such directions as fine art, commercial illustration, murals and street art. Among her clients, there are such big brands as Google, Ikea,  Adobe, Reebok, Tsutaya.

Yeka is a speaker at the international design conference Awwwards (Japanx), Character design conference Pictoplasma (Berlin), comics festival Boomfest (Russia) and Pechakucha (Japan). Her artworks were exhibited in the galleries of Japan, Germany, Spain, Finland, Russia, South Korea, Mexico, and Brazil.

Yeka’s goal as an artist is to bring joy and inspiration to the viewer, because she believes that such emotions empower people to do good things, and, as the result,